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Ep. 2 - Pastor Tim Ozment & Dan Philips, The Liberia Story, part two

February 13, 2020

When we support the building of a school in an impoverished area of West Africa, can we really know if it makes any difference? Can we go outside our comfort zone and find the comfort of God present as we step into a different world to discover all we have in common? A team of four recently set off on a journey to understand how our resources could be put to work in Liberia, but in the process, their lives were changed. In episode two, we invite Pastor Tim Ozment and Dan Philips into the studio to take us on an adventure riding the underdeveloped roads and worshipping with the powerful worshippers of Liberia. So how would you react to your pastor taking FOUR offerings during a service? Pass the plate and get ready for an adventure that will speak to your spirit!

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